About Rob Rivera

Hello, Internet reader. My name is Rob, and this is the part of the site where I tell you a little but more about myself. I was born on August 4th, 1983 and am an English/Spanish writer, editor, and translator.

I began my so-called writing career in 2004 when I wrote the Spanish short story compilation “Mada Faká: Cuentos por Roberto Rivera” after many years of ignoring I had a knack for telling stories. Shortly thereafter I began work as a copywriter for a Panama-based, Offshore company shortly after the release of my book. My last published piece of fiction was “Moco”, for a Nicaraguan young writer showcase they did in 2008. I never received a copy, so I can’t tell you if I was in good company or not.

From late 2004 to early 2008 I do the Internet circuit editing, translating and generating text for a myriad of websites, too many to count. The topics I covered went from automobiles to au pairs, medical, legal, magazines, fashion, technology, design, file-sharing services, sports, marketing and much more.

In 2008 I began work with Focus Publications to not only co-edit what would be the 7th edition of the hardcover prestige book “Panama Now,” but also oversee all translation efforts and serve as assistant editor in all of their other publications: “The Visitor,” “Focus on Panama”, “Logistics”, and their annual Colon Free Zone Digest. I’d also freelance as a consultant, copywriter, editor and translator for marketing firms who had clients such as Adidas, Dove, Johnson & Johnson, among others.

In 2009 I formalize my company Porto Diao, through which I organize sociocultural events in Panama City, Panama since March, 2006 and now provide freelance marketing consulting, copywriting, editing, and translating services. I also design websites with a heavy focus on content.

I’m a social person who likes meeting new people no matter what they speak. I regularly get emails from folks wanting to know more about Panama, or rather inquire about things the Tourism Board wouldn’t have any answers to; as a result I’ve made many great friends. Since I’m a writer, I sadly fall into the cliché of how artists are ethereal beings who always wander and think about things that most people wouldn’t. The twist is that I have fun while doing it.

If you’d like to hire me or request a quote to translate, edit or write for your website, magazine, or marketing campaign, then here’s my most current CV. I’m also on Facebook, and LinkedIn. I’m rather easy to find, actually. Just shoot me an e-mail at this address: rob[at]rob-rivera[dot]com. In the meantime, enjoy the site!