Brother Decoration, diligently decorating Chongqing.

Founded in 1994, Chongqing Brother Decoration is a brand decorating company in Chongqing with such double A qualifications as the class A design qualification and the class I construction qualification.
Under the service concept of “diligently decorating Chongqing”, Brother Decoration has constructed such three business divisions as the Home Decoration, the Public Decoration and the Soft Furnishings, and has set up eight subordinate companies for operation, with the development mode of operation as a group, as a chain and with chain stores, and with the creative design and research institute as its core of management and source of originality.

Brother Liang Jiang Home Furnishing Culture Center

Brother Liang Jiang Home Furnishing Culture Center

Idea Lab

Idea Lab

Idea Lab

Brother Decoration has respectively operated such five major brands as Leading Design Dedicated Customization, the Brother “Four Generations in One House”, Jellyfish + Fine Decoration, DMAX (DMAX International) Commercial Space Design and ELVIS International Soft Furnishings to provide customers with high-quality, professional and fine decorating services.


In 1994, Chongqing Brother Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. registered for incorporation in Nan’an District, Chongqing.



Brother Decoration, diligently decorating Chongqing.
Entire staff service with diligence.


Proverbs of Six Words: Self-independence, frugality, integrity, propriety, humility and sincerity.
Integrating and refining many years of enterprise culture and enterprise spirit,
being positive and full of positive energy.

Enriching spiritual culture, more important to practically fulfill it,
in the long course of enterprise development,
unceasingly learning, innovating and surpassing.

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