The Nintendo Wii!!!

The Nintendo Wii!I am so excited over this… you have no idea. For the gamers out there: I might be late to the party with this, but the reports from E3 are in and it seems that out of The Big Three, NINTENDO “won” the atendees! More like Nintendo ripped them apart…!!! This is awesome news… absolutely awesome.

With the XBox 360 not causing any earthquakes and coasting off of their disdain for the market leader (Sony), and Sony completely dropping the ball with their PlayStation 3 ($600 bucks?! Fuck that, sir) Nintendo sweeped by them and blew everyone away with the only way you could: quality games and seeing the intuitive Wii-remote in action. Add to that the AWESOME presentation I’m in love. Absolutely in love. It looks like I wasn’t the only one, though…

If the reports are true and it’ll sell at $250, I have officially found my console for the next generation in video gaming. It’s cheap, looks fun as all hell and as a plus you can download EVERY FRICKIN’ GAME EVER RELEASED ON A NINTENDO CONSOLE! River City Ransom, muthafucka!

I was going to buy a PS 3 when it came out but I can do a lot more with those $600 that’s gonna cost. The XBox 360 is blah in my book, and ever since Nintendo unveiled their plans for the next generation I was intrigued and this E3 solidified my stance. For more info on E3 and the Nintendo Wii, click here. To see the hordes of gamers overrunning the Nintendo booth to take a crack at the console, click here!

UPDATE: Wii has a website! Thanks to Whizper for the tip!


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  • I’m just some teen in B.C. and i need to know if and when the company will release Zelda Majora’s Mask on the Wii’s Virtual Console…. If you could get back to me please.

  • Haha, härligt tips och rolig video!

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